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DJC Preview Session @ Flo Martial Arts Dojo

As you may have seen from our post earlier this week, from the first week in September Drake Judo will be holding a senior session on a Monday and Thursday evening at Flo Martial Arts.

Coach Mark who usually coaches the Thursday session was off watching PINK in Cardiff so therefore Ross was covering the session.

This provided a good opportunity for somewhat of a preview session with a number of our youth players to experience the facilities and meet some of the FLO regulars

The first impressions were ''wow'' and ''ooooo'' and ''can we have photos of us on the wall?''

As we made our way in to reception we were greeted by Jordan who is one of the BJJ Junior coaches(and has done BJJ sessions for Drake at Tavistock) produced ice pops for our players who are unused to this type of pleasant treatment!!

We were a little early so decamped to the chill out area above the tatami and watched the BJJ, after some explaining from Ross between the differences between Judo and Jitsu, the next thing to capture the mind was the MMA cage which got more ''oooooo's''

The session was very good with a first timer to Judo Leon taking part and regulars Martin and Big Ben also in attendance

The sprung floor was also a revelation to our players who began to fling themselves around with gusto enjoying the nicer than usual landings. Dan was on the receiving end of a 'Jake' special(see video)

Verdict? - overwhelmingly positive with lots of questions on the drive home

Big thanks to Dan for assistant coaching and to Andy for pics and video

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