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If you have an upcoming grading please click there relevant link for a pictorial guide:

If your child is under 8, they will be using the SHO grading system.

SHO Grading System:

Sho 1  -

Sho 2 -     

Sho 3 -

Sho 4 -

Sho 5 -

Sho 6 -

Sho 7  -

Sho 8 -

Sho 9 -

If your child is over 8, they will be using the MON grading system.

Videos of all gradings can be found HERE

MON Grading System:

Novice – White Belt – No grading necessary


1st Mon – Red Belt one yellow stripe

2nd Mon – Red Belt two yellow stripes     

3rd Mon  - Red Belt three yellow stripes 


4th Mon – Yellow Belt one red stripe

5th Mon – Yellow Belt two red stripes       

6th Mon – Yellow Belt three red stripes


7th Mon – Orange belt one red stripes

8th Mon – Orange belt two red stripes       

9th Mon – Orange belt three red stripes


10th Mon – Green belt – one red stripe

11th Mon – Green belt – two red stripes   

12th Mon – Green belt – three red stripes


13th Mon – Blue belt – one red stripe

14th Mon – Blue belt – two red stripes        

15th Mon – Blue belt – three red stripes


16th Mon – Brown Belt – one red stripe

17th Mon – Brown Belt – two red stripes   

18th Mon – Brown Belt – three red stipe






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