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Welcome Message from The Drake Judo chairman


Dear New Member,


Let me be the first to welcome you into the Drake Judo Club family, I say family because that’s what our club is; one big family where we all support and encourage each other to reach our potential and smash our personal goals.


This may be the beginning of your journey, mine is still going strong, almost 30 years after I first stepped onto the tatami and Charles too also has as much passion for his sport as he did almost 40 years ago, since he put on his first Judogi.


I hope over the coming weeks, months and perhaps years, you will also have your own love affair with Judo and with Drake Judo Club.


There are friends to be made and contests to be won!


Ross Taylor

Chairman, Drake Judo Club

2nd Dan

We are very pleased to welcome you to Drake Judo Club. 

To ensure that we have the correct contact details for you, please insert the information requested below to automatically send your details to the club. If you are under 16 please also ask your parents or guardian for permission to fill in the form before it is returned. We will also use this information to ensure that you are kept informed about club events and treat all data as confidential.

DRAKEJUDO Logo - Transparent Background.

(If applicable)

(If applicable)

Do you consider yourself to have a disability? If yes, please provide more information below:

Please detail below and important medical information that our coaches should be aware of (e.g. epilepsy, diabetes, asthma etc)

Please indicate below whether you are happy for Drake Judo Club to take and use images of you/your child for the purposes of promoting the club via our website, social media and / or local news:

Please insert information below realting to emergency contacts, including; Contact Name, Number and Relationship to member:

Please indicate if there is anything else we need to be made aware of:

Have you done Judo before? If yes, please indicate below:

If you are happy, please indicate your ethnic group below. This is completely voluntary and the data collected will only be used to help the club demonstrate diversity and for fund raising purposes, if necessary.

Success! Your Membership Form has been submitted.

Drake Judo Club is affiliated to the British Judo Association; Club Number 8262



Option 1: Standing Order (£20 / month)


Paying monthly in advance, this means setting up the first payment for the 1st of the month to cover that months training.


Option 2: Pay Per Session (£5 / session)


How do I set up my standing order?

You will need to contact your bank to set up a standing order, this may be done via online banking or by going into your bank with the details above.


* The payment reference is important, so we can identify who has paid. If you are a multiple player family, try and fit in enough detail to identify who you are paying for, you may need to be creative if the number of characters is restricted by your bank.


Account Name:

Drake Judo Club

Account Number:


Sort Code:

83 04 25

Set up to pay on:

1st of the month

Payment Reference:

First and last name *

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