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Max Gregory is a full-time funded GB Athlete, based at the Centre of Excellence in Walsall.
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Max was born and has grown up in Plymouth, and started his Judo career at 6 years old.


Over the past 12 years he has developed into one of the top prospects in the UK and is now on the next part of his journey as he continues his quest towards competing at an Olympic Games.


Max is also studying full time at the University of Birmingham, studying business and sport.

Max has trained with a number of different coaches over the years including many of the coaches at Drake. However, his mainstay has been his Dad Gary who has worked hard with Max to get him

to his current position.

He is currently ranked the Number 1 Junior in the UK in the U100kg weight group and is also the current British Champion in this category.

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Max presents a wonderful role model to the younger members here at Drake as definitive proof that hard work really does pay dividends.


Max is a 1st Dan Black Belt and has won numerous titles both at home and Internationally.

So if you see him during one of our sessions when he’s at home, don’t be shy go up and have a chat with him.


If you would be interested in sponsoring Max or helping him any way with his journey please contact

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