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Judo Course @ Tavistock Primary

At the start of this term DJC started an After School Judo course for the youngest years at Tavistock Primary School.

After our successful first run at Sparkwell School it was going to be interesting to see how many sign ups we would get

Incredibly we had 38 Children turn up for the first session, this number has stayed the contant for the last 4 weeks,

With this amount of players and a limited mat area safety has to be a priority, the class is therefore split into 3 groups who all get there own time and attention on the mat, we also have a few players with additional needs and this too has to be taken into consideration.

Week 1 was an explanation about Judo, what it is, where it came from and its uses as a sport and martial art, this was then followed by an explanation of Ukemi and some practice.

Since then we have covered a number of throw from the 1st - 3rd mon syllabus and some light randori.

This has all proved rather popular and the noise can sometimes get a little loud, luckily our coach is well known for his volume and has managed to get his points across.

As we build towards the 2nd half of the course we will of course look to the possibility of some of the players joining the min club

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