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Ross & Dan attend BJA AGM

On Saturday the 3rd of November myself and Dan set off early from Plymouth to attend the BJA Annual General Meeting.

The meeting was being held in Nottingham and this was the first one that DJC had been represented at so Dan and I did not really have any expectations of what the meeting would entail , The BJA restricts the meeting to the Chairman or Secretary of a BJA club which both of us are (so far so good) we also would get the opportunity to vote if necessary

The meeting started at 1pm with a Presidents Statement given by Dr Colin Draycott 8th Dan Senior Vice President of the BJA in the place of Dr George Kerr 10th Dan who was unable to make the meeting due to being unwell.

The meeting followed a standard format that most AGM's stick to, the BJA Chairman Ronnie Saez gave a report, followed by BJA CEO Andrew Schoular into the achievements of the assocaition and finance and management.

The best part for Dan and myself was the coaching report that GBR Lead Coach Nigel Donohue gave, this was a very good insight into the associations plans for the future and the current elite program set up,

I asked a question regarding the difference between the Men and Women which was answered by Nigel. The BJA is funded by Sport England on behalf of the Government and this funding is based on elite performance and to a lesser extent participation numbers so quite rightly a lot of the resources are put into the Elite program(Which obviously DJC are hopeful of contributing players to in the future!

After that the meeting was closed after a few questions from the floor.

DJC has ambitions for the future and it is important for us to have good relationships with our NGB, it is also important to build relationships within the NGB which can assist us to achieve those ambitions

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