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DJC Demo to Sparkwell Cub Scouts

Some generic cub scouts

Thursday evening saw Ross venture off to the delightful village of Sparkwell on the outskirts of Plympton to deliver a taster session to the Sparkwell Cubs.

Sparkwell Old School

Being held at the Old School start time was 6pm with Ross arriving with two large bags of suits and his uke from Saturday morning Niamh arriving with her Mum Jen and brother Felix

As you should all know we are a safety minded club and the first issue we had was that we only had 6 2x1 mats and 20 Cubs had turned up!

With that number Ross and Niamh had to demonstrate all the various Ukemi and throws and Groundholds and then the class had to split into 3 groups and come onto the mat and demonstrate.

Superstar Uke Niamh!

All of these tasks were met very enthusiastically and the Cubs seemed to enjoy them! They then moved on to some Ne-Waza Randori which was chaotic fun and then onto some Tachi-Waza Randori with some good throws on display.

Lastly 'Bob the Judo Ghost' (trademark pending) made an appearance and he proved as popular as he always does.

The Cubs then went home with one of our leaflets and we have already received some positive feedback.

Of the 20 Cubs the gender split was approx 50% this was excellent as DJC is looking to recruit more females at a younger age, we are hoping to work with This Girl Can to encourage females to take up Judo. Niamh throwing Ross around also is great visually for this.

A big thankyou to Jen, Felix and especially Niamh who gave up their evening to come and volunteer for DJC

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