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Sunday Sunshine Social by the Smith Morgans

3 'happy' juniors

Sunday was a very busy one for DJC and the culmination of a couple of weeks hard work for a lot of our members, Competitions, Coaching Courses, Referee Courses and gradings were just some of the Judo related items that had kept us all busy during any potential free time we might have thought we would have.

Step forward Ruth and Juliet who announced that they wanted to hold a get together at their house for all DJC members who fancied it.

Cafan was one of many of our juniors who took part in the schools challenge, well done to you all!

The schools challenge(a run for schools before the half marathon ''i have a workshop in Okehampton!'') made sure that everyon

e was busy that morning(including our hosts, who were cheering on messurs Nate and Ava)

The weather was fab and people started to arrive around lunch time, including our Chairman who had been in Taunton on area business and Dan who had been on his Coaching course in Somerset too

All of our members were wonderfully looked after(as you can see) and all remarked that its good to get out of the dojo and just enjoy each others company.

what a beautiful back of the head this stunning gentleman in the foreground has
Ruth seems to be flipping the bird!

Laughs and light conversation were had for the adults whilst water fights and trampolining were in order for the juniors(and Giles)

Capn Jack is still not too old to join in some bouncing
Bogdan showing off his skills

With only one trip to casualty(poor Erin who took an accidental bash to the nose) it was unanimously deemed a great success.

still sober!

As we have seen from other clubs, non Judo social events are a fantastic opportunity to get to know fellow members and lets face it a few drinks always helps doesn't it!*

host Juliet with Claire

Recently DJC appointed Tony & Lyndsey Murphy as our official social secretaries and they are planning more of these type of events, but if you are crazy enough to want to host one please just let us know when and where! Ross has promised he will hold something similar in the future(although he has been saying that for 3 years!)

We are now all looking forward to the next one!

*always drink responsibly

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