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Plymstock School Class Starts on Tuesday the 5th of June

As you may recall at Easter I attended the Sports Relief day at Plymstock School, this was primarily to raise money for a wonderful cause but to also give a taster session to some of the pupils of the school. This is because we have, in conjunction with the PE department agreed to set up A free afterschool class for school pupils on a Tuesday afternoon. (3.30 - 4.30)

This class is part of our development plan to deliver Judo to the wider community, with our current class at Tavistock College, this class will now give us that platform in Plymouth.

During my visit i was happy see a number of students prepared to 'give it a go' for the first time. I was also happy to see a number of current and ex Judo players including the Gregory's from SBJC and a couple of former pupils of mine and Mikes including Ilora Brandt who was girls captain at PJC during our tenure there.

Brown Belt, Mrs Dover sending me through the air

Im hoping that a few of these more experienced players will assist with the class and that they may inspire and we may find future champions and success stories from our class at Plymstock School.

We will also have a few pupils who already train with us starting the school in September(Bogdan!)

The Head of Plymstock School Mr Diment is himself a 1st Dan Black Belt, having trained in the local area and has already offered kind words or encouragement and indeed put on a jacket and threw me around!

Headmaster Mr Diment and Mrs Dover having a randori

He has spoken about the Judo taster session in his most recent school blog which you can read by clicking the link below,

There are a couple of photos including one of me stood next to Zak Wells of Plymouth Raiders(im stood on tippy toes)

The class will start on Tuesday the 5th of June, if you know any pupils who may be interested please let them know


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