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A visit to Tavistock from Double European Champion and 7th Dan Christine Gallie

Drake Judo Club was honoured to have a visit from former Double European Champion Christine Gallie and her Husband Peter who is a former instructor and member of the Budokwai,

Christine competed in the early 70's as part of the extremely successful British Women's Squad which would go on to win numerous European, World and Olympic medals,

Christine was one of the first two Women in the UK to win a European title, she competed in the heavyweight category which back then was over 72kg!

Our juniors asked her many questions including her favourite throw(Uchi Mata) ground hold(Kesa

Gatame) and what her greatest achievement in Judo was(winning Europeans)

Christine also explained to our juniors that she had competed in a tournaments that were held behind closed doors and it was considered unsightly for Women to be competing against each other!

The visit was also a bit of a reunion as Christine used to coach Ros when she was competing in her younger days and she was very please to hear that Ros had recently become national champion!

Many autographs were written and many photos posed for, We hope this will be the first of many regular visits

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