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DJC Coaches studying Koshiki-no-kata

DJC coaches with Jeremy the Kata Coach

On Sunday Afternoon myself and Yorkie paired up along with Mike and Steve to learn the very rarely seen Koshiki-no-Kata which means 'Ancient Forms'

It consists of 21 techniques originally belonging to the Takenaka-ha Kito School of jujutsu. Jigoro Kano revised the techniques and incorporated them into a kata in order to preserve the historical source of judo

Therefore this is really a form of Jujitsu and very interesting to study and see demonstrated so well, the class was run by Jeremy Robinson who is one of the leading practitioners of Kata in the UK

An amusing competition between our two coaching couples developed as each couple tried to give 'advice' to the other on what they were doing wrong, needless to say Yorkie and I were the best no question about it!

If you would like to know more please see the following video of the Kata(in full armour)

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