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Coach Education at Bath University

Mike took the photo so its good quality

Sunday saw some of Drake Judo's coaches head off to Bath University for the Western Area seminar which is held at Bath University.

Head Coach Mike, Myself, Yorkie and Steve set of from Plymouth early to take part in this annual workshop which is designed to continue our education as grass roots coaches to pass onto our students

These sessions are mostly led my Team Bath Head Coach Juergen Klinger 7th Dan, Head Coach Mike, Myself, Steve, Charles, Gary and Yorkie are all very big supporters and fans of Klinger Judo and so today was a great chance to work on some basic Kansetsu-waza(lock techniques) including Juji Gatame, Ude Gatame and Ude Garami to indulge in this,Juergen was assisted by former British U100 number 1 player Adam Hall(he and Mark Adams used to compete against each other a lot on the circuit)

We also had the chance to speak to Juergen about the ongoing relationship between Drake Judo Club and team Bath and the chance in the future to collaborate on things in the future. Also we said goodbye to Sandra Klinger who is moving on from Technical officer for the south west to become head coach for England, Sandra has always been a big supporter of ours and gave Charles and I a lot of support when we first launched

Mike and I strongly believe in all of our coaches constantly learning and being educated, despite what some people may say a black belt coach is not all knowing and all knowledgeable and it is imperative that we attend such opportunities now and in the future

Dave Allen took this photo so its blurry

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