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Ashburton Demo @ South Dartmoor Community College

Nice Koshi Waza!

Thursday 28th September saw the Drake Judo Taster Sessions at South Dartmoor Community College, Ashburton. One for year 9 girls, the second for year 8 boys.

The girls were first, a little nervous that someone in a blue suit was taking over their P.E. lesson. The girls are trying different activities so this fitted perfectly with their curriculum and our club promotion.

We did a gentle warm up and then an introduction to breakfalling. They listened really well and I was impressed with their recall of Japanese words (matte, hajime, rei, o-goshi, sensei). O goshi was the throw of choice with a good uke (partner) who managed to demonstrate a good breakfall. The work rate was impressive and, above the laughter and merriment, much success was seen. Kesa gatame was demonstrated and again the girls produced the goods. I liked the way they worked together to achieve success. Everyone managed to to throw, hold and escape from a hold. The afternoon session saw the boys take their turn. They were much livelier and the lesson moved a a greater pace. Our warm up was different but the throw and hold were the same.

The boys were typically more competitive so an element of newaza randori was added. They thrived on this and followed the few rules that were explained. Everyone was a winner. Each session ended with an explanation of the meaning of the kneeling bow. There were quite a few interested in attending the club next week.

I hope we see them there, it would be exactly the response we wanted. I had a lovely email from the teacher, Kate Hutchins , thanking me for taking the sessions and how well they received by both boys and girls. It is something I hope to repeat again. As final preparations for the launch of the Ashburton Club,

We extend a warm welcome to those who are able to attend from these taster sessions.


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