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Drakes First Marjons Session

Following Drake Judo Clubs attendance at the Marjons Freshers Fayre to drum up interest in the new session at the venue, it was time for the action to begin.

The club have reached out on a new venture as part of a long term plan to provide additional and advanced support and facilities to cater for the needs of our Judoka at all levels.

For the first session there was a mixture of our advanced juniors, some familiar faces and new students, providing a good base for the session to grow and to flourish in future. The session was coached by Head Coach Mike, Gary Gregory and Steve Coles.

Mike would coach throwing techniques, whilst Gary focused on ground work with Steve following up with advanced submission techniques.

The experienced, young and new Judoka showed plenty of enthusiasm and great work, ensuring the new session got off to a flying start. The aim of the session is for the over 12 Judoka to take their skills further in advanced sessions, as well as bringing new players into the fold.

We are very excited about our association with Marjons and the opportunity to develop a long term partnership and takng to club forward.

The session is held on Tuesdays between 8pm-10pm - you don't have to be a student to attend, as long as you are over 12, you are welcome to come and train with Gary and Mike.

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