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DJC @ Marjon University Freshers Fayre

Friday the 23rd saw DJC attend the Freshers Fayre Sports event, this involves all the sport societies at the University promoting and speculating for new members.

There were over 50 stalls and all staffed by young fit athletes, a slight problem as we only had a 37yr old chunky Martial Arts inspired Jacob Rees Mogg lookalike!

Luckily 3 students from the University of Plymouth were on hand to bring the cool to our stand, Dave, Jamie and Lizzie all trained under myself when i was the head coach at Plymouth Uni a few years ago. a MASSIVE thank you to them, they volunteered their time and effort and helped get signups and interest in DJC

Judo isn't the most of glamorous sports and it can be hard to describe to a layman and so its vitally important to have something visual and be able to at least get people to talk to you for 2 minutes,this was rectified with FREE CHOCOLATE(although again most people at Marjons are athletes so many of them turned down the opportunity) We also had a stand off with Plymouth Karate Academy!!(not really, I know Stuart who runs it very well, they are a very well run club)

A note for the future is that most people presumed we were looking for experienced Judoka only(which of course wasn't the case)

We spoke to quite a few people and ended up coming back with about 30 enquiries, we now just have to persuade them to show up!

We are very excited about our association with Marjons and had some very rewarding conversations, including with a green belt from the Scilly Isles Judo club!

It all starts on Tuesday at 8pm-10pm - you don't have to be a student to attend, as long as you are over 12 and competition experienced you are welcome to come and train with Gary and Mike

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