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New Mats!

When Charles and I started teaching at the Life Centre (some 6 years ago now) the mats the LifeCentre had were already a couple of years old, plus they were also 2x1 which are not really favoured much anymore and can be cumbersome when laying,

Also the mats were being used by other groups and they tendered to wear quicker than usual as some of these groups had a habit of wearing their shoes whilst training on them(Grrrrrrrr)

Fast forward to this year and the mats were getting into a very sorry state and had become an issue which Drake President Allan Perry has been concerned about in particular

The boss at the Lifecentre is a lady called Louise, whom i have had the pleasure of working alongside for a number of years and she is a huge supporter of ours and has on many occasions gone the extra distance to accommodate us, especially with extra hours and timeslots etc,

Louise had to speak to the higher ups and secure special funding to buy this new set of mats(over £5000 worth of them) and has said that they will be exclusively used by the martial arts classes at the Lifecentre and that the old mats will be used for the other 'foot wearing sports'

We were delighted that today was our inagural session on the mats which you will be pleased to hear do not separate and are the Olympic standard colours of yellow and blue(because they show up better on tv if your wondering)

We do hope by the end of this year to secure funding to purchase club mats for our Tavistock class so watch this space

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