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Drake appoints Club Captain and Vice Captain roles

Drake Judo Club is delighted to announce that we have appointed a Club Captain and a Vice Captain,

Jack Murphy has accepted to role of Club Captain

Jack was chosen by myself and Head Coach Mike for many reasons, he is our highest graded junior, He is our only current player in the Western Area Team, he is respected by all of the junior and senior players and the membership as a whole, although the Captain role doesn't have to be exclusively filled by a junior, in theory anyone of any age could be appointed

- the role has a two year term unless the incumbent resigns, there are no upper term limits. The position is important within the club and as you will see is now listed amongst the 'meet the team' section of the website, though the position does not carry a place on the Committee or therefore an executive vote, it is my intention to lobby the committee to give the position a membership vote at the AGM wavering the usual O16 age rule.

Lucy Knape has accepted the role of Vice Captain

Lucy has been selected by myself and Head Coach Mike as we wanted the position to be developmental, a 'mini' captain if you like, especially for our players aged 5-8, which Lucy currently does a very good job with, also Lucy will be expected to cover and fill in for Jack if at anytime he is unavailable, however the position does not carry the same responsibilities as the Captains role and therefore expectation is measured

Both players will be given a basic identifying badge to be sewn onto there 'training' gi and given a metal badge to be worn at all other times

Below is a role description of what Drake Judo Club can expect from our Club Captain

ROLE OF THE CLUB CAPTAIN The Club Captain is the link between the administration of the club and the players. It will be the role of the team captain to represent the views of the players within the club, and contribute to the development of the club through providing advice and guidance from an athlete perspective.

DUTIES OF A CLUB CAPTAIN: • A good club captain is a person that all players/athletes can contact and talk to about any comments they may have

• Attends selected club committee meetings and represent the views of the athletes

• Is a positive role model for all members of the club

• Communicates with fellow team members, and provide support and advice where needed

• Encourages club members to be involved in social and voluntary activities

• Welcomes new members to the club


Will vary but is likely to be occasional club committee meetings, occasional club coaching meetings, club social events. The time commitment for being a positive role model is ongoing!

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