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DJC @ Devon Training(South Brent Dojo)

After successfully hosting one of the two Devon training sessions last year it was with great anticipation that Drake Judo club made our way down the A38 for this years first training session. They have started a little later than normal this year as coaches Pete Whitfield and Steve Coles both stepped down last year from their respective roles, after a very successful period for both of them it was unclear for some time who would be taking up the now vacant role

Step up Justin Allen the coach of Hoshi and Quayside Judo Club, a very sensible appointment in our opinion as many of our players are familiar with Justin and have seen or met him at various local events,

This training session was for 8 - 13yr olds which for us is great! as the majority of our junior membership falls into this category , As a result we were able to send a very respectable 14 players who all arrived(roughly) for 9am along with players from, Hoshi, Kingsley, Torbay, Quayside and of course host club South Brent.

The session was very thorough and our players all enjoyed the opportunity to see some of the other judoka they have come to recognise from local events,

Drake Judo Club are hoping to host a future event perhaps at our Tavistock Dojo, we will keep you posted

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