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DJC @ Th English Open & Cornish Open

Kate was flying solo this weekend and claiming the title of busiest Drake Judoka with a trip to the English Open on Saturday followed by a trip to to the Cornish Open on Sunday.

The English Open is considered the number 2 competition to the British Championships and attracts the very top Judoka from around the country, this was the first time a player from Drake had attended such a competition and so a small piece of history was made, Kate found herself in a very tough group as many of the girls fighting train full time at centre of excellences and are ranked in the European top 10

None the less this was another valuable experience for her and shows her what the very top girls are about, following that Bryan serving as taxi driver had to then drive to Truro on the Sunday Where Kate picked up a Silver, her first medal for Drake!

Go Drake! Go Kate!

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