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Easter Egg Recruitment Sessions

Ok, so its Easter holidays from school which means a lot of our players are on holiday or doing days out right?

True but some of our players who were still at home were able to bring a friend along to training of Friday night at our Tavistock session and then on Saturday morning at the LifeCentre session

Turn out was fantastic and over exceeded what Charles & I have experienced previously with 21 young people trying our great sport for the first time,

Players who brought a friend along were presented with a small easter egg, many of which were forced to hand them over to the friend as part of a deal to get them on the mat in the first place!

Special mention to Josh at the Tavi class who brought 3 friends along and therefore was awarded the giant egg and to Ollie at the LifeCentre class who brought 2 friends along and was also awarded a giant egg.


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