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DJC @ The Somerset Open

In the first club outing to the neighbouring county Somerset Open Judo competition, 7 junior and 1 senior Drake Judo Club Judoka competed. It was an early start for many, but ironically it was the one member to stay in local accommodation who arrived last. But Duracell Judoka, Will would make up for this by competing in no fewer than 6 contests, including 3 back to back draws on his way to a great bronze! Warrior Alex won a silver with his first loss this year and beaten by the eventual winner who was 5 grades higher.

Alex’s second contest, however, lasted only 6 seconds with a memorable ippon seoi nage. Judo Ninja Lottie had very tough contests, coming away with a bronze for her great effort. Jake suffered some bruising contests, but produced one of the moments of the day before collecting a well-deserved bronze. A proud moment for young Bogdan was to beat the accomplished Maddox from South Brent on his way to a brilliant gold medal. There was also a gold medal for the powerful Alanna, winning both of her contents in splendid fashion. Dan, the only senior representative for Drake Judo Club picked up a great silver medal, leaving the mat with a big smile knowing he only went and beat a blue belt! That leaves Jack, making his way as a newly-come pre-cadet, competing against Judoka beyond his grade and years, but doing himself proud to take away a hard earned bronze medal.

So all-in-all a great day out for the Judoka and for the club. There was great support from the coaches, fighting for their players and parents cheering the players on. Next it is a great local competition at South Brent , where the club hope to take a record 20 Judoka and take over the arena

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