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Drake Judo Club Interclub Festival

InterClub reportDrake Judo Club InterClub II – the second coming – was rather like groundhog day. There was a sense of knowing that we’d been here before, in a good way! With the well lubricated machine of the DJC Committee in action, set up time was minimal and Team Brown’s list ticked off as the platters of food arrived. The timing table and benches (thanks Jess) even looked vaguely professional. We even managed to get Jack to start the warm up on time which is unheard of in judo competitions around the country! Great effort from all.After that start, it was bound to go wrong, you’d think, but this is Drake Judo Club and nothing was going to unsettle the judoka on the tatami. The competition was fierce and some rivalries renewed. From my side of the timing screen, there were some notable performances from Callum, Leo and Oliver (the smile on his face when he realised that he won one fight was priceless, especially since he was fighting yellow belts). The girls held their own, with Alanna and Ella mixing it with the boys in the big group of the day, before the group was won by Bogdan who ended the day unbeaten.The much famed Munchkin Ninja squad was its usual mix of tears and fantastic judo in approximately equal measure. Thea taking the plaudits but there was also some excellent judo from George having only recently started at Tavistock. Showed his Dad, Mark, a move or two for the adults’ competition as well!Full on judo spirit was demonstrated by the juniors. Well done all.For this edition of the InterClub, the adults got to have a go too. Hopefully the junior’s parents weren't too off put by the middle aged men having a go – we do tend to make a big bang when we land (usually accompanied by an equally loud “oof” too!). Well done to Georgeous Matt who overcame the Superstar Ne-waza expert, Andy, to take out the competition. We had full on action including an arm lock and attempted chokes. Not looking forward to Lottie learning those in a few years time ….Demolition of the fantastic lunch completed a great judo day. Once again, Drake Judo Club excelled and as you can see in the photos taken by Rob Cowell as guest photographer of the day and posted on the Club Facebook page, there were lots of smiles as well as ippons!Best moment of the day was reserved for the pocket rocket, Alex, who had the misfortune to take a trip to hospital following Saturday training and hence was not allowed to play. Jack, in a real life application of the Judo Code, presented Alex with a medal so that he wasn’t left out. A perfectly fitting way to end the day.Get a grip!!

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