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Grading @ Drake Judo Clubs

Over the last 3 weeks we have been conducting gradings across our Tavistock and plymouth locations. for the first time we have graded our under 8 players under the new 'sho' syllabus.

Well done to the following players who successfully passed their gradings

Sho Gradings

Thea - sho Orange

Ewan - sho Green

Nate - sho Purple

Jackson - sho Brown

Josh - sho Green

Erin - sho Black

Mon Gradings

Reuben - 4th Mon

Bogdan - 4th Mon

Alanna - 4th Mon

Lucy - 2nd Mon

Lottie - 4th Mon

Jake - 3rd Mon

Will - 3rd Mon

Greta - 1st Mon

Brian 2nd Mon

Alex - 1st Mon

Sam - 1st mon

Laurie - 6th mon

Jamie - 7th mon

Jack - 10th mon

Kyu Gradings

Matt Helm - 5th Kyu

Andy Hay - 6th Kyu

Mark Bettey - 5th Kyu

Andy Melville - 5th Kyu

Matt Luxon - 6th Ky

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