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Burns to the left of me, Fallon to the right

Whilst other fathers celebrate Dad's Day with maybe a cuppa in bed or winning a tennis competition (go Andy Murray!), I got to spend a couple of hours in the car with the judo ninja on the next phase of her plan for World domination. Nice, at least I'd get to choose the music en route, right? Nope, wrong, one track into a Led Zep album and on went the Disney tunes and that Eurovision song from a few years ago. Ho hum. The early start did mean that we got to Kingsley School Judo Club's dojo nice and early, so no pressure on my hair plaiting skills this time! A Master Class from Craig Fallon and Nathon Burns was on offer from Simon and the KSJC team; so who better to show Lottie how to conquer the world than someone who has done it already? Craig and Nathon showed that remarkable skill that I've seen in high level judoka - the ability to engage with kids. Games, technique, game, technique was a good recipe when concentration flagged. Another variation on Tai Otoshi and the crocodile turnover technique were imparted to eager trainees; all keen to show off in a light Randori to close. Plaudits to both of the superstars for letting the little ones throw them. Lots of interesting warm up tips too, especially the "duck" randori (fighting in the squat position, looks hard on the thighs!) but great for balance. A hard few hours left the judoka tired but pleased with an attendance certificate and another skill or two. Now on to the Gemma Gibbons Master Class for Olympic medal winning skills! I know one person who can't wait!

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