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Inter-Club Festival!!

It would have been understandable if you've suffered sport overload this weekend: the oval ball lot are teaching the Southern Hemisphere sides how to play rugger (aside from the Welsh, oops); Lewis giving a silver arrow driving lesson in Canada; the soft thud of Sri Lakan wickets and the rarest of events an Alastair Cook six in the cricket; and of course, the usual English problem of letting victory slip in the 92nd minute. Sort of makes up for the great loss in the sporting world earlier in the week. But bigger than all that was a sporting event in Tavistock, the second InterClub competition for Drake Judo Club. A change in format to reflect the lack of "them and us" between the Lifecentre and Tavi dojos. A virtual full house of DJC judoka, parents, siblings and hangers on made for a great event in the big sports hall at Tavi College. With some of the less experienced players taking on far more experienced, there was the possibility of an upset or mismatch. The fact that neither happened was a credit to all; played fair and true in the Judo Spirit. The debut of the DJC munchkin ninja squad was something to behold and with sufficient nurturing on the new Sho grading, a great future crop of judoka for the club. Particular plaudits to Lucy for overcoming her fears, Lola for her care against players much smaller than herself and Ella for taking on and almost beating yellow belts. The battles of the brothers, Hugo and Leo as well as the Danks brothers should keep sibling rivalry stoked until rematches can be arranged. Speaking of which, the committee will be discussing another InterClub in the Autumn, so keep your listening ears open and diaries poised. Looking forward to it already. Can we just ensure that someone unlocks the hall a touch earlier next time?

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