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Devon County Training @ SBJC

Following the Drake Judo Club parents motto of "another weekend, another dojo", 8 of the keenies trekked to South Brent Judo Club's main dojo yesterday. Some, who will remain nameless, scoped the village hall too. Perhaps getting in a reckie for the Red Belt Rumble? A great show of force in the team hoodies, making up nearly half the attendees. Well done all. Devon training under the watchful eyes of Pete and Steve followed with lots of exercises focussing on movement and timing. A few bumps, bruises and tears as well, but a few handfuls of the excellent free chocolate brownies put that right. Hopefully we'll see a step up from the judoka in the coming weeks as a result of the two hours of special training. Alex's terrifying face in the one on one wrestling competition sticks in the mind, especially when he was up against a boy twice his age and size. No fear and no quarter given. Grrrrrr. Epic. Ella is continuing to impress, go girl. Lottie broke out the charm offensive with a few competitors that had got the better of her previously and was very inquisitive about their judo stories. Building competitor profiles for the competition is a touch keen! Still a few more judo friends at competitions won't hurt. Will, Jake, Edgar, Alanna and Erin held their heads high and gained some exposure to the step up in intensity that a county session brings. With the next session possibly coming to the Life Centre, can we all ensure that all players have their listening ears tuned in, not mess about and that when it comes time to pair up for practice we mix it up and work with someone not part of the DJC family? An unfamiliar player at a training session is just a friend you haven't made yet. Keep a eye (and ear) out for the date of the next session.

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