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Drake Judo Club is now open!

Well, the title of this first news post says it all doesn't it,

Drake Judo Club is now officially open for business and at this point I would like to say that myself, Charles and the rest of our committee are fully committed to bringing you, our members and supporters, the very best in Judo coaching, Community and Professionalism.

We will be treating your children as individuals as well as encouraging the team spirit and will work with parents to ensure that those children achieve their goals (WHATEVER they may be) and have fun!

We will maintain discipline and forge mutual respect for each other and set extremely high standards of etiquette and support each other at all times

We will bring you the best coaches from the local area and encourage engagement with other clubs in our county and area to ensure the best possible opportunities for your child to achieve their goals.

I realise that this may sound like you are entering a proffessional sports environment, but above and beyond anything else those of you who know me and for those of you who don't, Charles and I find coaching and working with Judo players extremely rewarding and this opportunity to run and operate a club in conjunction with some very talented and passionate people has presented us with an oppotunity to fulfil our ambitions

Yours in Judo


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