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Drake is Back! - (Outdoors)

I realized as i started to write this post that it was January since the last time anything 'report' wise had been put on here,

There for over the next few days i will publish a half yearly report and considering the circumstances, we have had a lot going on!

However im delighted to be writing this report as it marks the first sort of 'session' where members have been face to face(from 2 meters at least)

Our first session was held on Thursday evening (the 23rd), the venue was on the playing fields next to our FLO Martial Arts Dojo in Plympton

It was hosted by two of DJC's top coaches Mark & Kylie, knowing this I said a little prayer for the participating players taking part as i imagined the session would be a 'sweaty' one

DJC's welfare officer Jess was on hand to get forms signed and non contact forehead temperatures taken and we were pleased that all of the participants were good to go

The location was excellent, offering a huge amount of space which was need obviously for the UK Government/Sport England guidelines to be well adhered to,

Players took part in a variety of Strength and Conditioning and specific Judo drills and didn't let a little overcast sky with some spots of rain put them off

This session was very much a beta test for us so that we could properly work out the logistics and for that reason only some of our older more experienced juniors were invited, now that we have laid the groundwork we will be able to begin to invite different age bands

We may also perhaps offer multiple sessions, all options are under constant review and discussion

Huge thanks needs to be given to Head Coach Mike who began the whole discussion of outdoor sessions and the initial preparations which got us underway, i know he was extremely proud to watch the players being put through their paces

Huge thankyou also to our Welfare Officer Jess who along with Mike and Kylie has sat through alot of webinars and read a lot of material to ensure that we adhered above and beyond(as usual) to the safety measures that needed to be in place and for getting players to fill in the forms and take non contact head temperatures before the session got underway

Thanks obviously to the super team of DJC coaches Mark and Kylie who gave up their time to take the session and give our players the opportunity to begin training again.

Lastly thankyou to our players who have been and continue to be patient throughout the whole pandemic

Keep your eyes peeled for our next session

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