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DJC @ Western Area Training & DISE

Saturday the 23rd of November saw a number of our experienced Juniors head up to Bath University for a joint Western Area and DISE training session

Jake, Callum, Lottie, Maria, Maddox, Kolodbika and Bogdan were taking part in the Area training with Cordy being part of the DISE set up,

For those of you who don't know what DISE is, basically its a sports diploma for post GCSE students with Judo as its base, it is worth a number of UCAS points and has 3 centres in the UK which host it, Bath being one of them, for Further information please click the following link

The day started with exercises and Tachi Waza Randori, All of our players got stuck in, Maddox performing and excellent sutemi waza which i saw

Adam Hall conducting technical

After Lunch it was out to the Athletics track for running drills and then into the indoor sprinting range for stretching and core work followed by you've guessed it! sprints!

Straight back to the dojo for technical work and then Ne-waza randori, followed by a good old ropes session(takes me back to Sandra Klinger days) where Maria smashed her peers by completing a 6 Tarzan rope to rope exercise.

Training was led by WA Head Coach Simon Ward and Team Bath Head Coach Adam Hall who put on a really really interesting and diverse session, one of the best i have attended personally.

Cordy took part in all the dojo work and had supplementary classroom based work for DISE

Speaking with Adam and Simon afterwards, we are discussing plans for some specific 'South' Western Area sessions to be held at DJC on a Saturday(once a month) led by Gary and travelling to BATH during the half terms for sessions with Adam Hall, Matt Hucker and Tom Reed.

Very inspiring session and excited to see what 2020 brings us

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