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DJC @ Welsh National Training

Ok so lets address the elephant in the room, living in Devon and Cornwall is great! (Devon more than Cornwall obviously) world class beaches, rolling green moors, slower pace of life, fantastic food and the most visited place by British Tourists in the world

Being an Athlete in Devon and Cornwall however is not great...

Our transport links are not the best and when you are two hours from Bristol it means travelling to anywhere in England is a huge slog, to attend some REDS sessions means a 2 or 3am departure and then a 6 hour training day and not returning home until sometimes close to Midnight,

This means that whilst the REDS sessions have been fantastic and the England Coaches have provided some of the highest level training for our players, several of the said players had chosen to pull back from the program based on the fact that the travelling just followed by a full days training wasn't proving to be fruitful,

On top of that the cost of overnight stays prior to training was just something that couldn't be accommodated on top of the other overnights for the various competitions

I hear people out there saying ''Well we have to do the same thing...'' and yes if you as a player become successful then you will of course have to do the overnights and the long journeys but at minor or pre-cadet?

It is our duty as a club to find the best possible training opportunities for ALL of our players, be they a 4yr old SHO grade or be they a 5 times National Champion and with that in mind we decided for our Minors, Pre-cadets and Cadets to attend the Welsh National Training in Cardiff.

Kerry and his team were very welcoming and being only 2 and a half hours up the road this session is accessible, we took a team of 15 players and all of them relayed that the session was fantastic.

We look forward to attending these sessions as often as we can this year

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