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DJC @ The Pre-Cadet and Cadet Welsh Open and Cordelia makes history!

Saturday and Sunday the 2nd and 3rd of November saw DJC head once again to Cardiff this time to compete in the Welsh Open, this time for the Pre-Cadets and Cadets

Saturday we had Lottie and Alanna in action, both of whom were in groups with the top girls in the country, this could be seen as a dry run for the nationals and all the contests were very exciting with lots of action

Charlotte Hay

Lottie continues her development and has now added a number of combinations to her repertoire and dispatched her first opponent with a fine example, all the girls in the group had beaten each other at various competitions this year and so the fights were very close, Lottie finished with a 5th place which though she was disappointed with personally, i was very impressed with her technical level, moving forward to the nationals remains her main focus

Alanna Hopkins

Alanna was her usual self in the build up (relaxed) and was in an extremely tough group and it took a few fights to get warmed up, she did however turn it on, finishing the day with a massive ippon and taking a Bronze medal, which continues her run of medaling in most competitions this year

Alanna getting her medal from Olympic Silver Medalist Dave Starbrook MBE

That was Saturday we had also cheered on Pierre from Ivybridge and Tom from Redruth, both of whom performed very well in tough tough groups

Sunday saw our Pre-Cadet boys Bogdan and Reuben and our Cadet girl Cordeila in action

Bogdan Losonczi

Bogdan had dropped a weight group to U50kgs which he hadn't fought in for about 12 months, his dedication to training is starting to pay dividends and 2 back to back wins, including one over a player with Golden Gates(3 times national champion) was evidence of this. All of his fights were very entertaining and he came away with a 7th place, he will be looking to better this at the nationals

Reuben Frise

Reuben likewise has been doing extra training and looked fantastic in the heavyweight section, winning his quarter final in style and the narrowly narrowly missing out on a place in the final, he was just pipped in the bronze match but his development is clear to see, more hard work will no doubt develop him further. A solid day for Reuben

Cordelia Gregory

Cordelia has been having a 2019 to remember to say the least, she had already won the Welsh Junior Open and the Welsh Senior Open so this weekend actually saw her competition in her own age-band, Cadets does not currently have an U78's weight group and so she has to fight in the Open Weight Category which allows anyone over the 70kg mark to enter. This competition saw her win a contest with a throw,, another with a hold, another with a strangle and then the final with, you've guessed it! an armlock! with this victory this saw Cordy winning all 3 titles at the Welsh, not a feat i can recall anyone else achieving! Amazing and a real inspiration to the other girls and boys at DJC

onec, twice, three times Welsh Champion in 1 year!


So the Welsh draws to a close for another year and this one has been very enjoyable, Massive thanks to Roz who support coached on the Saturday and to Gary who was lead coach on the Sunday

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