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DJC @ The Kazoku Trophy(Threepeat)

Most of our O12's Team

Saturday the 5th of October saw DJC send a team of all ages down to Truro to compete in the Kazoku Trophy.

The Competition is individual based but there is an accumulation of points which then give club overall placings. We have won the Trophy in 2017 and 2018 and were hopeful of repeating this success.

We had over 30 entries and for the first time all 4 of our centres were represented with Players from our Tavistock, Plymouth, Plympton FLO and Sparkwell Dojo's

It was a very well put together event and tribute must be paid to Eva who continues to put on multiple events every year which we attend.

Our under 12's did an excellent job with many of them being inexperienced at this level, it was also good to see Joe Walker returning from a very serious hand injury which has kept him sidelined for the last 4 months.

When the points were added up DJC had placed first in the trophy standings!

Eli knows how to lift a trophy!

We then moved on to our over 12's which included some of our seniors too, the youth players in our over 12 team are quite experienced and it was good to see some of the skills and techniques they have been training hard on show.

Derek and Ben contested the 'Flake Cup' an unofficial Heavyweight title, Ben had triumphed over Derek in 2018 and Derek managed to avenge this, which sets up the decider in 2020?

All our players worked very hard and supported each other which was probably the best thing to see all day. Parents and friends and family played a big part in this too

Other notes from the O12's were Cerys adding another 10 points in her quest for Black Belt and the competition debut of Keisha and Louise who were both fighting for Drake for the first time. This was also Tyla's debut fighting for Drake and she took home a Gold

It was also noteworthy to see that at some points on both mats only DJC players were occupying them.

Throw of the day went to Sam the Senior who pulled off a huge Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi to take Gold

Coaching wise it was actually more relaxed than normal with Myself, Kylie, Mark, Kate and Callum all taking turns in the chair to support the players.

After the points had been totalled up DJC had taken the O12 trophy by a solid margin which gave us our 'threepeat'

I have not listed players individually as i only managed to observe a few of them but speaking with the other coaches there were plenty of positive points but also things to work on in the future.

In conclusion this was a very good event and had a good mixture of clubs from mainly Devon and Cornwall

Final Medal Tallies were as follows

Gold: 20

Silver: 8

Bronze: 3

U12 Trophy

O12 Trophy

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