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DJC @ The British Championships (Masters)

DJC were in the nations capital on Saturday competing in the British Championships for Masters,

DJC Coaches Mark and Kylie were both in action to see if they could add to there impressive tally from 2019.

Both had taken medals at the European Championships and the Commonwealth Championships(with Kylie becoming Commonwealth Champion)

The event was held at the very impressive University of East London Sports campus.

Kylie was in a very competitive group but battled her way to a Bronze medal, this is her third National medal in as many years having taken gold in the last 2 years

3rd national medal in three years!

Mark also had a really tough group giving away a considerable amount of weight to 1 competitor but battled through and took gold and becomes British Champions for the 2nd time.

Mark seems to be holding a single red rose

probaly close to 400kgs of manliness

For those of you who are unaware Mark and Kylie both coach on a Monday night at our FLO Martial Arts dojo for youth and senior players, if you would like to work with national and international champions then please email info@drakejudoclub or just come down to the dojo for a visit

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