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DJC @ Kingsley’s World Judo Day (Under 8's Festival)

In honour of World Judo Day, Kingsley Judo club, hosted their second annual SHO grades fun day. Jake and I stepped in to coach and drove up to Bideford for the day.

Drake had eight players, some of whom it was their first event away. It had a very authentic ‘competition’ feel with two mat areas so it was only natural that Jake and I coached a mat each.

Lots of happy faces!

There where many highlights but here are a few of ours…

Mat 1 (coached by Jake) First up on mat 1 was Freddie. Although this being his first event, as he is only 5, he wasn’t nervous at all which was nice to see and he went out to win all of his fights to win gold. Alfie fought really hard in two different categories showing real determination against some older children and scoring some lovely throws. Anthony, who is quite new to Judo, fought really hard and earned the rightful spot with one of the spirit of judo awards. Alex was happy throughout all the fights and kept smiling, his judo is coming along really well, and he won his fights fair and square.

Mat 2 (coached by Dan) I saw some great examples of our training paying off especially with Jacob winning two fights with great Kesa Gatame hold downs and also Max’s Judo has come on tremendously, I don’t think I have ever seen him so happy, completely at ease and enjoying the day. Albie (a veteran of last years fun day) returned to win gold again, and also produced the throw of the day for me! Harry forced an awesome draw against a far taller player which I did think could be over in seconds but Harry seemed completely unphased but the size differences and fought really well!

After the fights, there was a Kahoot interactive quiz which everyone enjoyed and this was followed by the medals and prizes. Overall all DJC won Gold medals: 4 Bronze medals: 5 Spirit of judo award: 1 A big thank you to Simon and the Kingsley team for hosting a great day. Dan and Jake

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