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Commonwealth Championships

This week will see DJC head to Birmingham to compete in the Commonwealth Championships, with some of the best players flying in from all over the world it is almost mind boggling the position that this only 3 year old Judo Club finds itself in and it is hard not to get a little misty eyed when thinking about where we were and how far we have come

We have 16 entries into these championships and a further 2 from Redruth joining our team for the day and i say team although on the day we will not be fighting for our clubs but fighting for our country so our team will be ENGLAND

It is an honour which very few Judo players get to do, i myself went on some sort of regionalised English tour to Germany back in 1993 but it did not involve anything like the tournament we are heading off too(it was more like a REDS trip) so for some of us this represents possibly the only time this will happen but for our Juniors this presents an opportunity for hopefully their first step to competing for their country on a regular basis.

Good Luck to everyone!

The players are as follows


Bogdan Losonczi

Reuben Frise

Lottie Hay

Alanna Hopkins

Maddox Callard

Jake Brown

Maria Oram-Perez

Jessica Jennings(JJ)

Olivia Willson

Tecca Ford (Redruth)

Rebecca Willis(Redruth)


Cordelia Gregory


Cordelia Gregory

Cerys Callard

Max Gregory


Ross Taylor(gulp)

Ros Hopkins

Mark Adams

Kylie Adams


Gary Gregory

Ross Taylor

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