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DJC appoint Dan Brown as Social Secretary

I am delighted to announce that one of our founder members and long time committee member Dan Brown has agreed to take on the role of Social Secretary.

Dan has history in this area as he was our original Social Secretary when we first founded in 2016 (before he moved positions within the committee) and a very good job he did of it, launching our first Beach Day which has become an annual tradition! he also helped organise our Masterclasses and competitions and Christmas Presentation Evening

DJC are aiming to have a full club social event once a quarter and on top of this Dan has exciting ideas which will involve all our centres either on a individual basis or combined.

Make no mistake social events are extremely important to help improve communication and to help to build friendships (Sandra Klinger always told me it was the key to a successful club)

I have no doubt will make a success of his new position as he has with all things he has been involved with in DJC

Anyone with any ideas for social events or anything extra curricular outside of training should speak to him or message personally



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