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DJC add 4 New Senior Brown Belts(1st Kyu)!!

Friday evening saw 4 of DJC's blue belts complete the final part of their grading to achieve their 1st Kyu Grade,

The 1st Kyu(which is represented by a brown belt is the final Kyu grade before a player achieves Dan grade(Black Belt) DJC is delighted that we now have 6 members within our club who now hold this grade which means 6 people are now on the hunt for points!

Dan, Mark, Matt and Callum are all home grown players, meaning they all walked through our doors for the first time as novices and have all worked extremely hard over a number of years to achieve this grade.

The all competed a 30 minute physical grading demonstrating a variety of techniques to our club examiners Mike & Ross - they then had to demonstrate the first 3 throws from the Nage-No-Kata a large part which was instructed by Mark & Kylie

For this of you reading this who are still at the early part of your journey DJC can tell you that every one of our new 1st Kyu's have raised doubts in the past as to whether they would reach this point but all of them have persevered.

They along with our other two Brown Belts (Cerys and Jack) will now try to accumulate the 100 points needed for black belt, they will;l also need to complete a thorough theory based exam which is marked on the quality of a technique not just the understanding of it, 10 points is achieved for every in win against another brown belt or black belt in competition or pre-arranged Dan grading.

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