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DJC SOCIAL: 3rd Annual 'Dan's Beach Day'

Sunday the 21st of July saw DJC head en-masse to Bigbury

Beach for the 3rd Annual 'Dan's Beach Day'

Dan who openly confesses he isn't a big fan of going to the beach launched our first beach day back in 2017 and the weather has always been extremely good

This year however there were concerns that it maybe a wash out with various forecasts giving different interpretations of what we could expect, early morning saw very overcast sky with mist rolling in

However as you will know the day turned out very well with glorious sunshine and a perfect day to be spent at the beach,

Last 72 members and families joined us and this year Dan had put heavy expectations to beat this number and by the time the last windbreaker had been packed away 91 people had been in attendance with Dad-Bods galore!

Social Events away from the dojo are extremely important as it gives chance to parents and children to socialize and discuss things which are not Judo related.

One suggestion last year was as the beach is quite crowded that we needed some sort of identifier and so we debuted our flag, which not only helped people realise where we were all congregated but provided a good safety beacon for children who were playing at the sea edge to see where everybody was.

Lots of equipment was hauled down including Helen who had bought most of a marine shop from the looks of it, Surfing, snorkelling and body boarding were all featured and some feisty games of cricket and Rugby were all in evidence.

Of course there was a lot of lazing around and showing off the Dad-Bods and a sun burnt belly for Mark Callard

Dan really does put his heart and soul into the beach day and he personally got round and spoke to everyone and thanked them for coming, so id like to thank him for again organising a fantastic day, we now look forward to the 2020 Beach day and hope to break the 100 attendance barrier!

DJC does have intentions of organising more social events both as a club and individual satellites if you have any ideas, mention them to any committee member and we will see what we can do, we have Daisy's Ice Cream Sundae planned for September and obviously our Xmas party but are open to other ideas

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