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Ladies & Girls Session

Sunday the 14th of July saw DJC Ladies Coach Kylie host a Ladies & Girls session at our FLO Martial Arts Dojo in Plymouth

The idea behind these sessions is to create community between female members and also give a chance to junior members to see senior female Dan Grades in action and to have the chance to train and randori with them

The class was extremely well received and run with the usual high spirit, sadly in years gone past though Judo take up with girls at a young age is pretty steady, society and peer pressure can see a large drop off during the teen years with the association that Judo is not a feminine pursuit.

DJC have associated with the 'This Girl Can' movement to show that the very embodiment of femininity is about power, confidence and self belief. Attributes which are all achievable through Judo

The session itself had several Dan grades with several European and World Masters medallists

Players came from Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Hampshire.

Kylie has more of these sessions planned along with Randori and Dan grade theory classes so keep and eye out

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