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Irish Judo Star Megan Fletcher at Drake Judo Club

DJC have always tried to bring the very best coaches and inspirational players in to inspire our members.

Alanna gets a lift

None more so than on Wednesday evening when we welcomed former Commonwealth Games Gold medallist Megan Fletcher,

Ross showing off his medals to Megan (she looks impressed!)

Megan is one of the best judo players in the world and has medalled at 2 of the IJF Grand Prix's this year and is on her way to competing at the Olympic

Games in Tokyo next year

Megan took 2 of our classes concentrating on Ne-Waza which is her speciality.

All of our players we thoroughly engrossed in Megan's coaching, for some of our squad players who will be competing at the Commonwealth Championships having instruction from Megan was very inspiring

We are all looking forward to seeing Megan back very soon!

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