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DJC @ Kazuko Championships in Porthtowan

A beautiful day at the beach.

Cafan was first up. He gave spirited fights against much taller opponents with great movement and counter techniques. It’s so great to see him improving every competition. Cafan came away with Bronze.

Beth’s first competition proper. Overcoming tremendous nerves she won her first fight by two waza ari - osoto gaeshis (Osoto Counter). She fought two larger 6th and 5th Mons who were in the next weight group up and although she lost it must have took a lot of courage. She came away with Gold.

JJ fought Ellie from Hoshi in a best of three. She won all three in a good display of skill and dominant gripping coming away with Gold.

Charlie Warwick fought a very close best of thee against Max from Ivybridge. Injured in his first fight he still managed to win the second. Lost the last one after very close match. For me this was the contest of the day. A great example of grit from Charlie which gained him a Silver medal.

Adair came away with a silver. He is definitely one to watch in the future. His spirit in second to none - he gave everything he had.

Everyone’s behaviour and attitude was excellent and you are a credit to your club.

After the judo was done we had a wander on the beach. The weather was perfect and some of us even had a dip and a bit of bodyboarding!

Thanks to Eva and all at Kazoku for putting this lovely comp on. Thanks to the referees Darren ,Amber and Richard for the quality Reffing and thanks to the table officials for their hard work (including our own Andy Hay)!

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