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DJC Launches 'Judo Tots' Session

Friday the 14th of June saw DJC do a soft launch of our new Judo Tots session,

Judo Tots is a new initiative launched by the BJA

It is a programme that will introduce judo to children in a fun way through play that will help them develop their self-confidence, allow them to master basic movement skills, balance and co-ordination in a safe environment.

By introducing judo to children in a way that focuses on learning essential skills that will provide the child with a sense of achievement while developing their physical literacy giving them head start in developing an active lifestyle.

We have launched initially at our Sparkwell Dojo and a handful of tots turned up for their first session

The session is held every Friday at Sparkwell Village Hall from 3.30pm - 4pm

Anyone interested is encouraged to attend or for any information you require please email

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