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DJC hosts a special 'Fathers Day Session'

Saturday the 15th of June saw DJC host a special fathers day session,

After the success of our mothers day session earlier in the year, we were looking forward to seeing how some of our dads and other significant Male role models got on

Our first 3 sessions of the day saw the most participation although a few dads managed to shoot off rather quickly!!

Corey ran some basic sessions where our 'Dads' were partnered with their player

though primarily for fun it is important for parents to experience what their child goes through if they are to critique their performances and effort, with our re-launch of senior judo in September we are hoping that we may attract some new members

the only slight fly in the ointment was Albie and Reubens Dad Russ who managed to break his toe during the warm-up!!

Thanks to Shayne Jacks who gave us the idea for these sessions

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