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DJC @ Western Area Joint Training Day - Bath

Tuesday the 28th or May saw DJC take a small team to the combined training day at Bath university, hosted by Team Bath Lead Coach Adam Hall.

In the morning the players focused on Ne-Waza and were joined by some of the full time Team Bath Athletes and the members of the BJA DICE program which meant the younger members had a chance to observe and train with some of the older up and coming players in our area

Team Bath is also where Ben trains full time and after his Silver medal in China there was a sense of inspiration in the air

Before Lunch the players were taken on to the athletics running track to complete a series of rely runs, DJC members performed very well in these tasks including Nate who was at the front of most of the action.(also they were joined by Andy Hay who kept good pace with the youngsters)

This was led by Simon and after another round of intermittent sprints it was time for a spot of lunch and then back onto the mat for technical Tachi Waza instruction from Adam who worked on combinations and Jigotai.

Yep thats me leaning against the crash mate

The day finished off with some standing randori

The turn out was excellent and i would encourage all of our competitive players to attend this day next year

Thanks to the coaches on the day

Adam Hall

Simon Ward

Greg Varey

Juergen Klinger


tos stolen from Simon

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