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DJC hosts the British Judo Association "First Steps Into Coaching Course"

Sunday the 26th of May saw DJC host the British Judo Association "First Steps Into Coaching Course" at our Tavistock Dojo

Aimed primarily at teenage Judoka, the workshop provided attendees with the information they need to take their first steps into coaching Judo.

The workshop aims were to answer any burning questions to those in attendance may have around coaching and demonstrate just how easy it is to get involved in coaching.

The workshop looked at the skills and knowledge that are developed as a judo coach, what to expect, how to solve problems. Challenges attendees may come across and provide information about what support can be provided as you take your first steps into coaching

The course was delivered by BJA National Development Officer Laurence Kenyon who had a busy weekend, by conducting the course at Kingsley School the day before, Which is great news for young coaches in the West

The players who attended were aged between 13 and 16

Coaching is an important part of a Judoka's development and without the future coaches, any sport will suffer

The course was very interactive and i would recommend to any young player that this course would be the perfect start to a possible future coaching role

DJC Coaches Myself, Charles and Head Coach attended and had excellent feedback from the participants.

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