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DJC 3rd Annual General Meeting

Wednesday the 15th of May saw DJC hold our 3rd Annual General Meeting

For those of you not aware of what an AGM is a short description is a yearly meeting of the members or shareholders of a club, company, or other organization, especially for holding elections and reporting on the year's events.

It is a Sport England and BJA requirement that every Club has a minimum committee number representing the club members.

During the meeting The treasurer presented the financial statement for the year, if you would like to see a copy please email The financial state of the club has improved 20% from the previous year with a record amount of funds being invested back into the club

DJC President Allan Perry then gave his annual address where he gave very warm and kind words on how the club was being run and the sound footing it has established, he then accepted the resignation of all committee members on bloc and oversaw their re-election all on bloc, this passed unanimously.

Some minor word changes to the constitution were passed and finally a vacancy for the executive was announced with Dan Brown being unanimously voted on to the board.

We had a modest attendance from members, which was nice to see.

One confusion sometimes arises from these events where members believe that to be a volunteer or to attend committee meeting one must be a member of the executive, this is incorrect and we would encourage anyone who is keen to help out in any way to contact Ross or any other member of the executive

The Committee for the coming year is as follows

President - Allan Perry 1st Dan

Chairman - Ross Taylor 2nd Dan

Secretary - Juliet Morgan

Treasurer - Charles Knape 2nd Dan

Welfare Officer - Jess Frise 6th Kyu

Head Coach - Mike Nugent 3rd Dan

Fundraising Officer - Denise Willson

Committee Member - Andy Hay 4th Kyu

Committee Member - Tony Murphy

Committee Member - Ros Hopkins 1st Dan

Committee Member - Dan Brown 2nd Kyu

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