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A New Black Belt at DJC

DJC has a new Dan Grade!!

Kate's grade has been ratified by the BJA and she becomes the first DJC member to achieve their 1st Dan(shodan)

Kate was presented her black belt by DJC Head Coach Mike Nugent 3rd Dan,

Kate started her Judo journey with a school class at Plymstock with WA Coach Simon Ward, she then joined PJC and started her judo journey. Kate joined DJC just after we formed and has been one of most active members, when i first met Kate she was a 12 year old Orange Belt and since then i have witnessed how hard she has worked to achieve her new grade.

Less than 1% of juniors who start Judo Worldwide go on to achieve a Black Belt, with the grade comes an expectancy from the BJA(the write about it in there acceptance letter to you) and from peers to always be a good example to others and promote Judo whenever possible.

Congratulations to Kate from all of your fellow DJC members and also a mention to her Dad Bryan who has been her biggest supporter(and taxi driver) over the years

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