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DJC @ The Western Area Championships(closed)

Sunday the 14th of April saw the DJC Machine move onto the Torbay Leisure Centre for this years Western Area Closed for juniors and seniors

As a rule this competition tends to be for the slightly more experienced players and so we had a total entry of 16 players

Time flies and this is our 4th Western Area closed since the club founded, as you can see below from this 2016 pic!

On the day we had mat-side coaching from, Mike, Kate, Ros and myself and assistance from Gary

Overall our players made a great showing and put in some fantastic performances,

It also presents a great opportunity for the club coaches to observe indviduals and things that need to be worked on durning training.

Overall the Award for best performing county was this year shared between Devon and Wiltshire

Because the coaching was spread im unable to give any individual reports but i have laid out the results from the day below

Tia - Bronze

Charlie - Silver

Cafan - Bronze

Nate - Gold(Western Area Champion 2019)

Niamh - Bronze

Erin - Gold (Western Area Champion 2019)

Pheebs - Silver

Ellie - Silver

Maria - Gold(Western Area Champion 2019)

Reuben - Bronze

Bogdan - Silver

Callum - Gold(Western Area Champion 2019)

Isabelle - Silver

Alanna - Gold (Western Area Champion 2019)

Joe 5th Place

Kate - Silver

Rob - Silver & Bronze in the Open

5 Gold

7 Silver

5 Bronze

Overall a very solid performance, we were a little lacking in seniors this year which is something i hope we will be able to rectify,

Did you know? - Since 2016 Drake Judo Club have had 19 Western Area Champions!

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