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Mothers Day session @ Drake

Saturday the 30th of March saw DJC host a special Mother's Day session

All our wonderful Mums(and Nans) were invited to put on a Jacket and try out Judo for the first time

Luckily(or unluckily for some) they were partnered with their own children so were able to learn directly from them.

Some of our Mums are fairly new to the club others have been with us for years,

Caftans Mum Sally was a junior Green belt and she soon showed that the muscle memory was still there with some good competitive randori with Callum followed by randori with her own son!

Andrea Brown who has been deeply involved with our club since its inception, put on one of Jakes old suits and threw herself(pardon the pun) into the session.

Nate's Mum Ruth was also very formidable and proved very tough!

All in all we had 15 Mums and Nans across our two early morning sessions,

Dads keep and eye out in June!

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