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DJC 2nd TESCO Fundraising Bag Pack

Sunday the 24th of March saw DJC head back to Tavistock Tesco's for our second Bag Pack

2019 is being dubbed the 'Year of Fundraising' something DJC has been sorely lacking in our previous 3 years of existence

One of our big fundraising aims is a 'Player Fund' to try and assist our squad players with travel expenses via the use of a minibus etc,

However this year our Fundraising Officer Denise has been like a buzzing bee with her applications and enquiries and so this was to be our 2nd bag pack within the space of 5 weeks

Jess had planned to be running things again but came down with the flu 2 days before and so to the rescue at the last minute was Corey!

It turned out to be a little quieter than usual as the Tavistock 13 fun run was on but our volunteers still gave up there Sunday to come and do there bit,

A massive thank you to all our volunteers both adult and Junior, You have managed to raise just over £800 across the two bag packs and we hope there will be many more this year, hopefully next we will be in Plymouth!

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